Egg Punch

Egg Punch 1.3

Kid friendly mini-golf


  • Good gameplay
  • Stylized visuals
  • Great for kids


  • Too simple for advanced players
  • Not that challenging


Egg Punch is a family friendly mini-golf game.

Players have to guide an egg around the course, collecting feathers and gaining points as they head toward the goal.

Egg Punch contains a very simple 3D polygon visual style focusing on mimicking a kid’s cartoon. It works perfectly for the game. The audio also borrows from the same theme in each of the stylized levels.

The gameplay in Egg Punch only requires one-touch aiming and power. Players pull away from the intended direction, adding power to the roll. Depending on the environment, the egg will bounce and react to the level as it moves along its course. The variety of levels add different challenges, but the store in Egg Punch contains some great power-ups.

While Egg Punch may not gain the interest of players looking for impressive graphics, the game is perfect for children. It is silently educational, teaching them about angles and geometry.

Egg Punch contains six worlds each with nine levels. There is a substantial amount of content and replayability to try to gain gold medals in each level.

Egg Punch is a great family game on iOS.

Egg Punch


Egg Punch 1.3

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